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Mercedes Citaro Bus

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With over 30,000 vehicles on the road throughout Europe, the Citaro has become one of the most popular regular-service buses in local public transport. With good reason: the Citaro is the comprehensive answer to the ever-increasing requirements of transport operators and passengers.

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A complete economical package
With the Citaro you benefit from precisely the kind of overall economy that people like you are looking for – based on high-quality components from large-scale production and the strict quality philosophy of Mercedes-Benz.

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Made by Mercedes-Benz. The Citaro is produced in one of the most advanced bus production plants in the world. A whole host of steps designed to increase and guarantee quality help to ensure that the vehicle will still be able to fulfil its purpose without any problems even after years of service.

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Mercedes-Benz is pursuing the vision of accident-free motoring. The integrated safety concept from Mercedes-Benz is making a significant contribution towards making this a reality.

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Your passengers expect optimum comfort. The Citaro therefore not only features an attractive exterior – its interior values are also just right too.

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